1. On the edge of Hell (L. Mandoki/L. Bencker)
  2. Hold on to your dreams (L. Mandoki/L. Bencker)
  3. I dance through my dreams (L. Mandoki/L. Bencker)
  4. Carry me home (L. Mandoki/L. Bencker)
  5. Blue mood (L. Mandoki/L. Bencker)
  6. Life is like a strange song (L. Mandoki/L. Bencker)
  7. Imagine (J. Lennon)
  8. Mother Europe (L. Mandoki/M. Varga)
  9. Why don't you stop? (L. Mandoki/L. Bencker)
  10. In times of change (L. Mandoki/L. Bencker)
  11. Love and money (N. Kershaw)
  12. Last night (L. Mandoki/L. Bencker/D. Clayton-Thomas)
  13. Refugees (M. Varga/A. Acs/L. Zsoldos/L. Mandoki)
  14. Blind to reason (L. Mandoki/L. Bencker)

Produced: 1994 Produced by: Leslie Mandoki
Record label: PolyGram 523246-2
In 1994 Hungarian jazzdrummer Leslie Mandoki assembled some of the musicians that had influenced him, and recorded this Cd.
The music is jazzy with a lot of pop- and rockinfluences.
It’s really an enjoyable album. David Clayton-Thomas is singing on most of the songs.
Alone on two, ”Carry me home” which is a B,S&T-influenced song, and the ballad ”Last Night”.