1... I Still Really Love You  (D.Clayton-Thomas)

2... Angel (S. McLaughlin)

3... Stormy Weather (T. Koehler/H. Arlen)

4... A Love Beyond (D.Clayton-Thomas/B.Cassidy)

5... Hail Mary (D.Clayton-Thomas)

6... Ashleigh’s Song (D.Clayton-Thomas/W. D. Smith)

7... Oh Angelina   (D.Clayton-Thomas)

8... The High Road (D.Clayton-Thomas)

9... Try To Imagine (D.Clayton-Thomas)

10... Your Mind Is On Vacation (M. Allison)

Spectrum is a good title for this album. That’s exactly what it is, it covers a broad spectrum of musical styles, with great arrangements by Bruce Cassidy. It’s a rich musical palette, big band jazz, soulful ballads, reggae and African influenced world music and of course some blues.

It opens up with ” Still Really Love You”, a mix of jazz and African style reggae. Sarah McLaughlins ”Angel” with just drums, bass and some wonderful acoustic guitar by Rob Piltch..

”Try To Imagine” is a kind of song that you don’t hear much of anymore. It’s a song with a message. A modern protest song. A scathing condemnation of war and world hunger. Well done David.
 ”Oh Angelina” is another great song, a raunchy blues with some great guitarplaying by Aidan Mason and electrified dobro by Bernie LaBarge.

Other highlights are “The High Road”, “Hail Mary” and “your Mind Is On Vacation”.

This is a really great album, buy it!


Produced: 2009
Produced By David Clayton-Thomas and Bruce Cassidy
Arranger-Bruce Cassidy
Recording & Mixing Engineer-Ian Terry
Pro Tools Operator-Chris Crerar
Recorded at Humber College Recording Studios
Mixed at Metalworks Recording Studios
Assistant-Humber College-Rosanne Howell
Assistant-Metalworks-Lake Curry
Cover Painting-Lara Kirschner


Line Up

Drums... Paul DeLong, Mark Kelso, Davide Direnzo
Bass... George Koller, Rich Brown
Guitars... Aidan Mason, Bernie LaBarge, Rob Piltch
Keyboards... Rob Gusevs, Dave Restivo
Trumpets... Bruce Cassidy, Jason Logue, Kevin Turcotte
Saxophones... Michael Stuart, Colleen Allen
Trombones... Gord Myers, William Carn
Percussion... Waleed Abdulhamid
Vocals... Dione Taylor, Sharon Lee Williams