A blues For The New World



1. A Blues for the New World 

2. Second Chance 

3. Calico Girl 

4. Common Ground 

5. It's All So La 

6. Politics 

7. Sounds So Sweet 

8. Holy Moses 

9. Frank and Margie 

10. It Ain't Free 

11. What If I Told You 

12. The Sky's the Limit 

13. The Lights on Broadway 


Produced: 2013
Produced by David Clayton-Thomas
All songs written by David Clayton-Thomas 



What’s the problem with this man, most artists have their creative peak when they are between 20 and maybe 40. But nobody told that to David Clayton-Thomas. He has put together a killer band with stand-out musical contributions by the likes of harp player Roly Platt, jazz guitarist Bernie LaBarge, pianist Rob Gusevs, an excellent horn section plus some dazzling vocal support by acapella group Cadence and two stand-out contributions from the 40-voice Faith Chorale. The lyrics that are current and relevant and the arrangements are excellent.

There are a lot of great songs. “A Blues for the World” a slow, contemplative blues which offers both analysis of the sad state of today’s world and hope for the future. “Politics,” a condemnation of corrupt and out-of-touch politicians. “It’s just politics. It’s a grand charade. The only way to love the law is to not see how it’s made. … Everything gets nasty in the heat of the debate. And you got to be so careful ’cause a word can seal your fate.”

“Holy Moses” is  based on the biblical legend of the Israelites’ Exodus from slavery in ancient Egypt which is given a potent gospel arrangement featuring Rob Gusevs on a swirling Hammond B3 and vocal support from Sharon Riley’s Faith Chorale.

“Common Ground,” an a cappella arrangement featuring the vocal group Cadence.

 “Second Chance” with personal lyrics about his near death. “The Sky’s The Limit” is believe it or not a Rock N Roll – Hip Hop.

The album ends with “The Lights On Broadway” a moving tribute to the 9/11 tragedy. This is a song David wrote and recorded in 2003, singers from the ranks of the NYPD and FDNY made up the chorus. It was distributed to radio stations across the country and the broadcast royalties went directly to the families of the victims of 9/11. I’m glad he decided to put this song on an album. On this version he is backed by Sharon Riley’s Faith Chorale.

This may be his best soloalbum so far.