A Go-Go / Sings Like It Is

Walk That Walk (D. Clayton-Thomas/G. Fleming)

Take Me Back (G. Fleming)

Stormy Monday (Aaron T. Walker)

Howlin (For My Darling) (W. Dixon/C. Burnett)

Barbie Lee (D. Clayton-Thomas)

Boom Boom (J. Lee Hooker)

Good Lovin  (L. Kirkland/D. Taylor-Jesemet)

Tobacco Road (J. Loudermilk)

Want You I Don’t

Boss Man (E. McDaniels)

Brainwashed (D. Clayton-Thomas / T. Collacott)

Who Has Been Talkin’ (D. Clayton-Thomas)

I Got A Woman (R. Charles)

Done Somebody Wrong (D. Clayton-Thomas)

Born With The Blues (D. Clayton-Thomas/C. Rates)

Hey Hey Hey (R. Penniman)

Out Of The Sunshine (D. Clayton-Thomas/C. Rates)

Send Her Home (D. Clayton-Thomas / T. Collacott)

Lucy (D. Clayton-Thomas)

Poison Ivy (J. Lieber/ M. Stoller)

Year Of Release: 2000
Label: Rock-In-Beat-Records.

This cd has been released on a lot of different labels. I strongly recommend to search for it. Unfortunately Rock-In-Beat_records don’t have it any more.


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