1 Back to the 60's (David Clayton-Thomas)

2 Long Night (David Clayton-Thomas)

3 Frost on the Pumpkin (David Clayton-Thomas)

4 Carnival (David Clayton-Thomas / Eric St-Laurent)

5 The Mornin' News (David Clayton-Thomas / Lou Pomanti)

6 All I Am (David Clayton-Thomas / Lou Pomanti)

7 The Truth (David Clayton-Thomas / Larnell Lewis)

8 Where Did They Go (David Clayton-Thomas / George Koller)

9 It's All About the Money (David Clayton-Thomas)

10 Passin' Thru (David Clayton-Thomas)


David’s latest offering, ‘Mobius’ is truly his best solo album to date. A personal favorite of mine is ‘Back to the 60’s’, with lyrics crying out to you to remember the era that wanted peace (and love) and how strong the movement that ‘Woodstock’ was when we thought we could change the world and have peace forever. A message that is still sadly relevant today. Another song that has a definite topicality to it is the poignant and powerful Where Did They Go, which talks about how people living in disaster torn parts of the world are often abandoned to fend for themselves, especially once the news cameras have moved on to other stories.The song was actually written about 10 years earlier. George Koller was putting out an album called Jazz for Haiti.

There are many standout tracks on this album, with plenty of diversity in sound and style, compliments of Clayton-Thomas and his collaborators. From the sweet samba of “Carnival” and the smooth urban jazz of “Long Night” (with a killer violin solo by Hugh Marsh), to the gospel changes and tight horns of “The Morning News,” Mobius definitely has something for everyone. It is a treat for new listeners and devotees alike.

Mobius ends with a bluesy rocker ”Passin’ Through”. about life on the road.

Produced: 2018
Produced by David Clayton-Thomas and George Koller


Colleen Allen Saxophone

Davide Direnzo Percussion

Phil Gray Trombone

Larnell Lewis Drums

Jason Logue Trumpet

George Koller Bass

Hugh Marsh Violin

Lou Pomanti Keyboards

Roly Platt Harmonica

Eric St-Laurent Guitar

Nevon Sinclair Vocals (Background)

Amoy Levy Vocals (Background)

Ciceal Levy Vocals (Background)

Joanna Majoko Vocals (Background)



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