In Concert

    1. And when I die (L. Nyro)
    2. Self centred woman (D. Clayton-Thomas/B. Cassidy)
    3. Go down gamblin' (D. Clayton-Thomas)
    4. Me & Amaretto (D. Clayton-Thomas)
    5. Lucretia Mac Evil (D. Clayton-Thomas)
    6. Wild women & po’ boys  (D. Clayton-Thomas)
    7. God bless the child (B. Holiday/A. Herzog Jr)
    8. Gimme That Wine  (J. Hendricks)
    9. Don’t explain  (A. Herzog/B. Holiday)
    10. Spinning wheel (D. Clayton-Thomas)
    11. You've made me so very happy (B. Gordy Jr./B. Holloway/P. Holloway/F. Wilson)/Variations on a Theme by Eric Satie
    12. You're the one (D. Clayton-Thomas/W. Smith)

Produced: 2006
Produced by: David Clayton-Thomas, Jim West
Bruce Cassidy has done a great job with the arrangments. Close to the original, but you can hear some different passages here and there.
There are 2 new songs on the album, “Self centred woman” a standard blues with some nice guitarplaying by Bernie LaBarge and some great saxplaying. The other new song is Me & Amaretto. It has some African percussion by Waleed Abdulhamid which gives it an African touch. I guess you could call it “world music”. It’s one of my favourites on the cd.
Doug Riley is playing some great barrelhouse piano on “Wild Women and Po’ Boys”.
The cd closes with a brilliant version of “You’re the one”.
In Concert was recorded live at Toronto’s Opera House on October 27th, 2005. I which I was there. The recording quality is exceptional. The only objection I have is that it should have been a double cd.
David Clayton-Thomas – Vocals
Bruce Cassidy - Musical director, trumpet & EVI
Doug Riley – Keyboards
Bernie LaBarge - Electric guitar
George Koller – Acoutsic bass
Waleed Abdulhamid - Percussion
Paul DeLong  – Drums
Vernon Dorge - Alto sax, barritone sax, flute
Doug Gibson - Tuba, bass trombone
Jason Logue - Trumpet
Gord Myers - Trombone
Michael Stuart - Tenor sax, Soprano sax, flute
Neil Donnell & Joel Feeney – Background vocals