1. Dirty Dishes (Newton)
    2. Suzy Got her Big Hair On (D. Clayton-Thomas)
    3. Hard Times (R. Charles)
    4. Lucretia MacEvil (D. Clayton-Thomas)
    5. Drown in My Own Tears (H. Glover)
    6. Hoochie Coochie Man (W. Dixon)
    7. Woman Across the River (B. Krutcher/A. Jones Jr.) Additional lyrics David Clayton-Thomas
    8. The Danger Zone (P. Mayfield)
    9. We Were the Children (D. Clayton-Thomas)
    10. Wish the World Would Come to Memphis (D. Clayton-Thomas)

Produced: 1997
Produced by: David Clayton-Thomas
This is his first-ever all blues album. Recorded live off the floor at Ornette Coleman's studio in Harlem, in four nights.
The current BS&T lineup plays on the album.
There is a story behind one of the songs. David met the blues guitarist Albert King in Finland at a blues festival.
He asked Albert if he still enjoyed touring after 52 years...Albert said "David, if the world would come to Memphis,
I wouldn't have to tour". He wrote the song soon after.


David Clayton-Thomas - Lead vocals, Guitar
Doug Riley - Keyboards
Matt King - Keyboards
Glan McClelland - Keyboards
Larry DeBari- Guitars
Andy Aledort - Guitars
Rob Paparozzi - Harp
Mike DuClos - Bass
Jonathan Peretz - Drums
Mark Quinones - Percission
Steve Guttman - Trumpet
Craig Johnson - Trumpet
Charlie Gordon - Trombone
Dave Reikenberg - Tenor Sax