Tequila sunrise

    1. I could just boogie all night (D. Clayton-Thomas)
    2. Yesterday's music (D. Clayton-Thomas/W. Smith)
    3. Friday the 13th child (D. Clayton-Thomas)
    4. The face of man (W. Meskell/T. Martin)
    5. One more time around (D. Clayton-Thomas/W. Smith)
    6. Down bound train (C. Berry)
    7. Nobody calls me prophet (D. Clayton-Thomas/W. Smith)
    8. Last time that she cried (D. Clayton-Thomas/W. Smith)
    9. Failin by degrees (Trad.)
    10. My song (D. Clayton-Thomas/W. Smith)
    11. Bread 'n butter boogie (D. Clayton-Thomas)
    12. I could just boogie all night(reprise) (D. Clayton-Thomas)

Produced: 1972
Produced by: Mike Post
David Clayton-Thomas strongest soloalbum. The album is very much a singer-songwriter-album.
There are no horns, just the his singing and the band. The arrangements are based on the vocals.
Many of the songs are really strong such as ”Yesterday's music”, ”Friday the 13th child” and ”Nobody calls me prophet”.