David Clayton-Thomas

    1. Magnificent sanctuary band (D. Burnette)
    2. We're all meat from the same bone (G. Zekley/B. Bottler)
    3. Stealin' in the name of the Lord (P. Kelly)
    4. Dying to live (E. Winter)
    5. Sing a song (G. Wright)
    6. She (G. Parsons/C. Etheridge)
    7. Don't let it bring tou down (N. Diamond)
    8. Once Burned (T. Rundgren)
    9. Noth beach racetrack (D. Thomas)
    10. Caress me pretty music (A. O'Day)

Produced: 1972
Produced by: Bobby Colomby
A number of songs that were recorded with various session-musicans.
”Magnificent sanctuary band” and ”Sing a song” was released as singles.
His version of Edgar Winter’s ”Dying to live” is a very good.
This album puts the vocals in focus.