Super Hits

  1. Spinning wheel (D. Clayton-Thomas)
  2. You've made me so very happy (B. Gordy Jr./B. Holloway/P. Holloway/F. Wilson)
  3. More and more (P. Vee/D. Juan)
  4. And when I die (L. Nyro)
  5. I can't quit her (A. Kooper/I. Levine)
  6. Somethin' goin on (A. Kooper)
  7. Just one Smile (R. Newman)
  8. I love you more than you'll ever know (A. Kooper)
  9. Roller coaster (M. James)
  10. John the Baptist( Holy John) (A. Kooper/P. Major)

Released: 1998

Record label: Legacy Records

This is another compilation. All titles are original album versions.

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