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Aug 23, 2012

Dallas saxophonist and former Blood, Sweat & Tears band member Bill Tillman died Wednesday morning in Houston. He was 65.

Known for his flashy sax work and husky vocals, Tillman dominated the stage, standing at 6-foot-4 and weighing in at nearly 300 pounds.

Also a gifted flutist, he recorded eight albums with Blood, Sweat & Tears and toured nationally with acts such as Roy Orbison, Gladys Knight and Chuck Berry. From 1978 to 1980, he was a soloist with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

With an ability to switch effortlessly from jazz to classic rock to swing and standards, Tillman eschewed the traditional horn player’s role in the background and instead preferred to front the Bill Tillman Band. He spent decades playing area clubs like Popsicle Toes, Memphis, the Village Country Club and the Arcadia Theater.

“He played every grand ballroom of every hotel you can name,” said his son Anthony Tillman.

Always a showman, Tillman was known for stage antics such as tearing phonebooks in half.

“At Memphis in Addison people would toss phone books up onstage and the new guys in the band didn’t know why,” his son recalled.  “His legacy is a joy.”

A Plano resident for most of the last 30 years, Tillman was awaiting a kidney transplant and was in Houston for medical treatment. Staying at the home of his mother, Marilyn K. Miller, Tillman died after hitting his head in an early-morning fall in the bathroom.

In addition to his mother and son, five other children survive him. His son Barrett Alexander Tillman died in 2000.

June 27, 2012

Steve Katz has made a homepage

May 24, 2012

News form David's page 


A new studio album is in the works. David has been writing all winter and is now in the studio with Juno award winning producer Scott Morin. The music is all original, the lyrics, very personal. Last year's Juno Award winner Phil Dwyer is writing the charts and they are pure genius. The musicians are the very best in the business. The songs are deeply rooted in the blues but the charts are the work of a brilliant jazz arranger. The result is a recording that is funky and earthy with strong jazz overtones. David has never sounded better. He is blowing everyone away in the studio. This record is very close to the heart for David and it shows. It's a creative tour de force... a colaboration between one of the most original voices in music, a talented producer and a gifted arranger. The album is set for release early next year.

April 18. 2012

David has spent this winter writing 16 new songs and will be going into the studio on April 23 to begin recording them. The album is planned to be released on Universal later this summer.

August 17. 2011

Info from David’s homepage.




David returns to the concert stage.


After more than forty years on the road, David cut back on his tour schedule to recharge his batteries and devote himself to more creative projects. Since leaving BS&T in 2005, he has played only a few select concert dates but has written literally dozens of new songs, recorded 3 CDs, and taped a "Live In Concert" DVD and TV Special. He also devoted nearly two years to writing a book. His best selling memoir entitled "Blood Sweat and Tears" has been published by Penguin Books and is now available in hardcover and paperback. Now David Clayton-Thomas is returning to the concert stage with new management and a new agency. Management will be handled by Scott Morin of A440 Entertainment and bookings will be coordinated by Shaw Saltzberg & Tom Kemp at S. L. Feldman & Associates. Contact information can be found on the Tour Info page (Booking & Publicity)

A newly energized David Clayton-Thomas with his sensational ten piece band and a new management team will be stepping up his international concert schedule for 2012. The show consists of all the classic hits he wrote and sang for BS&T, "Spinning Wheel" "You Made Me So Very Happy" "And When I Die" "God Bless The Child" as well as selections from his new Universal album "Soul Ballads" and of course, there is always new music from this creative dynamo. Look for the David Clayton-Thomas Show, coming to your town in 2012.

 August 15. 2011

Here's a concert review


August 14. 2011

Blood, Sweat & Tears played at
Gila River Casino at Wild Horse Pass, Chandler, AZ


Go Down Gamblin'
I Can't Quit Her
Hi De Ho
Got to Get You Into My Life (Beatles)
And When I die
Sunday Morning (Maroon 5)
Surreptitious (instrumental)
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
Nothing' You Can Do About It (Airplay)
God Bless the Child
Havona (Jaco Pastorius/ Weather Report)
More and More
Spinning Wheel
Lucretia McEvil
Burning Down the House (Talking Heads)
You've Made Me So Very Happy

Jason Paige: vocals
Dave Gellis : guitar
Jon Pruitt : keyboards (subbing for Glen McCelland)
Gary Foote : bass
Andrea Valentini : drums
Teddy Mulet : trumpet
Steve Jankowski : trumpet
Jens Wendelboe : trombone
Ken Gioffre : sax


July 14. 2011

Rob Paparozzi is not longer with the band. He's last show was in Stuttgart Germany on Julky 2nd.

New singer is Jason Paige.

Short Bio:

As a vocalist Jason shared the stage with Michael Jackson, rapping/singing on "Black n White" at Madison Square Garden. He's sung live and on recordings with Meatloaf, Foreigner, The Scorpions, Liza Minelli, Ray Charles, Enrique Iglesias, Luther Vandross, Oleta Adams, Patti Labelle, and Kermit in the upcoming "Muppet Movie". He also sang and beat-boxed with Aerosmith on tour and on Howard Stern's "Pink" re-mix.

Jason sings 100+ jingles every year. Highlights include Pepto Bizmol’s “Nausea Heartburn Indigestion”, Mountain Dew’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Taco Bell's “Think Outside The Bun” and Subway’s “Eat Fresh”. He's also the voice of the phenomenon "Pokemon" theme song. The Billboard #1 single played by millions on Guitar Hero scored YouTube's .#1 most viewed / imitated video of all time.

Theatrically Jason was in "Rent" at the Hollywood Bowl directed by Neil Patrick Harris, starred as Joe in the world premiere of Frank Zappa's "Joe's Garage" at Open Fist Theatre and co-produced and starred in Ty Taylor's "The Existents" at Open Fist. He's starred in "J.C.Superstar", "Godspell", "Hair", "Tommy" and sang along side of Peter Frampton in “British Rock Symphony” at the Beacon theatre. He has appeared in Soap operas, National TV commercials, in the film “Election" and can be heard as the Buttmeister announcer in "Meet the Spartans”.. As a writer/producer, Jason produced and starred in cult classic "The What's Up Show" on Manhattan Cable TV from 95-2000 and “Concerto For the Committed” at L.A.’s Ford Theater aired on LA 36. He co-wrote with Desmond Child The Scorpions “The Future Never Dies” produced Billboard #1 Dance Artist Becky Baeling, “Wicked's” Shoshana Bean, Michael Weaver's “The New Black”, and co-produced Suzie McNeil with Marti Frederiksen. He co-wrote a “Lego-mania” jingle, songs for MTV’s “Rob N Big” and 2 musicals, “BOX” and “Writing Pictures” produced at Hartford’s Bushnell Theatre. Jason is a member of Michael McElroy's "Broadway Inspirational Voices"

June 30. 2011
Steve Katz is not longer with the band. He's doing shows under his own name. He's currently working on his memoirs.

June 30. 2011

We've lost a "classic" era B,S&T guest musician (2nd trumpet on "Spinning Wheel", subbing  for Chuck Winfield), SNL Band founding member and Blues Brother trumpeter Alan Rubin.  His moniker on the BB's band was "Mr. Fabulous".

Date of Birth: 11th February, 1943
Date of Death: 8th June, 2011 (Aged 68)

Short bio.

Alan Rubin's acerbic wit and sizzling trumpet licks are legendary around New York recording studios. A gifted trumpet, flugelhorn and piccolo trumpet player, Rubin is one of the most prolific players in the business. He has performed and recorded with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Frank Zappa, from Duke Ellington ("Newport Suite") to Blood, Sweat and Tears (lead trumpet on "Spinning Wheel"), from Sting to Aerosmith to the Rolling Stones, as well as with Paul Simon, James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Peggy Lee, Aretha Franklin, James Brown and Dr. John.

At age seventeen, Rubin entered the prestigious Juilliard School of Music on a scholarship. He was the original trumpet player with the Saturday Night Live Band and performed at the closing ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics with Paul Shaffer and the Late Night Band.

Alan passed away on June 8th, 2011. He was 68 years old.

 August 19. 2010

(Source: The Port Arthur News)By Darragh Doiron, The Port Arthur News, Texas
Aug. 19--Performers gather for LaCroix benefit
Jerry LaCroix, a former Fabulous Boogie Kings and Blood, Sweat and Tears member,
has been in the hospital with congestive heart failure and is now getting around
with a cane, Don Ball, promoter, reports. The former Groves resident is using a
cane and living at his mother's lake home, Ball said.

He asked readers to support a concert to help with his medical expenses. It's
set to begin at 3 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 29, at The Event Center on Crockett Street.
Tickets are $20 and include a gumbo/barbecue dinner, Ball said.

Performers will include G.G.Shinn, Scott McGill, Charles Mann, T.K. Hulin,
Jivin'Gene Bourgeois, Ken Marvel, Booger Vickery, The All-Star Steak Night Band,
Gary Mouton, Willie T.and more. 

August 6. 2010
It looks like the songs that David Clayton-Thomas recorded with Billy Terrell finally will be reeased, at least one song "Hot City Nights" is availabe on an album called Club T: The tracks of my years : 70s - 80s.

August 6. 2010
I saw B,S&T in Gothenburg Sweden june 4 2010. They seemed like they really enjoyed playing together. They are really excellent musicians. Rob Paparozzi on vocals is doing a great job. He's not David or Jerry, but he's Rob, and that 's good enough for me. Steve played a song alone with just his guitar, called "Kettle of Fish". In an interview I did with him a couple of years ago, he told me that it was his favourite song of all the songs he had written. Watch it on youtube.

October 9. 2008
 BS&T Lives On for 40th Anniversary Tour with Steve Katz
 For more info check Official B, S & T Page 

October 1. 2008
David Clayton-Thomas book The Evergreens is now for sale at his website.

October 3. 2007
David Clayton-Thomas is finishing up his new album this week. Its called "The Evergreens: A Blues For The New World" Should be out by next spring.
13 new original songs.

August 10. 2007
Steve Katz will perform with Blood Sweat & Tears September 8 2007 at the Riverfest on the Hudson Music & Arts , Yonkers,NY.

August 7. 2007
Here's some information on an exciting new recording by Steve Katz......check it out!!!!!

Now available for order! The new Katz, Kalb & Grossman CD!
Each CD is $15 plus shipping. There are a variety of ways to
1) You can use PayPal by sending funds to
2) You can FAX us at 860-927-4409
3) You can call us at 860-927-5262 (Alison Palmer)
4) You can download an order sheet from in PDF
form and FAX that to us. You might want to add some some pottery
while you're at it
5) You can send an e-mail order to

We'll look forward to hearing from you! And don't forget to include
your address!


Februari 28. 2007
David's jazz/rock classic “Spinning Wheel” was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame on January 28, 2007. The induction Gala was held at The Toronto Convention Centre.

August 20. 2006
Robert G. “Bobby” Doyle, age 66, of Austin, Texas, died on Sunday, July 30, 2006. He was born on August 14, 1939, in Houston, Texas, to Edward and Ella Doyle.

He gave Kenny Rogers a gig in 1959 and replaced David Clayton-Thomas in Blood, Sweat & Tears in 1972, but piano player Bobby Doyle made the most impact locally by establishing Ego's, a dark apartment complex lounge on South Congress Avenue, as a live music venue in
the early '90s.
A musician's musician, Doyle succumbed Sunday to lung cancer, surrounded by friends and relatives in his North Austin home. He was 66.
Able to handle requests for songs by everyone from George Gershwin and Nat King Cole to Jerry Lee Lewis and Stevie Wonder, Doyle, who was blind, was a brilliant, self-taught piano thumper who possessed a raspy, soulful voice.
"There aren't too many white guys that can do Ray Charles, but Bobby Doyle was one of them," said keyboardist Riley Osbourn.
"He had such a broad range," Osbourn said. "He could play blues, R&B, gospel, jazz. . . . He had his own style by combining all those things."
He was "the main cat," said former Asleep At the Wheel pianist Danny Levin. "If you were thinking about doing a solo piano thing, Bobby Doyle was the guy you looked up to."
A Houston native, Doyle moved to Austin at age 7 to attend the Texas School for the Blind. While at McCallum High, where he was the first blind student to graduate, he played on KVET-AM on Saturday mornings.
After high school, Doyle started the Bobby Doyle Three, a popular local jazz outfit, with a University of Texas student named Kenny Rogers on standup bass. Rogers soon dropped out of college to play full time with Doyle, singing high harmony and playing bass on the
1962 album "In a Most Unusual Way."
The trio disbanded in 1965, and Rogers went on to become a countrypop sensation. But the Gambler never forgot Doyle; about 10 years ago, David Letterman asked Rogers to name the best musician he'd ever played with, and "Bobby Doyle" came out instantly.
Doyle also impressed producer Phil Spector, who used him on several sessions in the late '60s, when Doyle lived in Los Angeles.
When Clayton-Thomas left BS&T in '72, Doyle was tapped as a replacement, but the piano player didn't last long with the horndriven pop band, appearing on only two tracks on 1972's "New Blood."
Doyle moved back to Austin in the late '70s and performed five nights a week at an East Riverside Drive lounge. But he was soon back on the road, ending up with steady work in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe during the '80s.
He moved back to Austin for good in 1990, performing every Thursday and Friday at Ego's, a dive he'd enjoyed playing during visits to Austin.The word got out that there was an incredibly soulful singer and piano player at Ego's, and Doyle's sets soon were frequented by
musicians and hipsters. Two nights a week, the dank, hidden joint on South Congress was cooler than any basement jazz club in Greenwich Village.
Because of Doyle's draw, the club started booking other acts, even rock bands, and the dive was transformed into a scrappy stop on the live original music circuit.
Doyle also played regularly at the Driskill Lounge and Eddie V's. Doyle played regularly until two months ago, when he became too ill. Wilson said playing music was one of Doyle's few pleasures after his wife, Mary, died in August 2004. They had been married for 17 years.
"They were quite a team," Wilson said. "I've never seen a couple have so much fun together. He was ready to go the day after Mary died."
Text borrowed (stolen) from Austin American-Statesman.

August 11. 2006
Here's some information that I have fro a very reliable source.

The Band has 2 configurations. 1. The oldies band, the singer for BS&T is
Scottie Wallace a blues singer from New Jersey then on the second half of
the show Chuck Negron sings his 3 dog Night Songs with BS&T it's like a
baby boomers night out. Two and a half hours of just hits!
2. The serious BS&T, That singer is Rob Paparozzi (check out his website)
he played harp on one of David's albums. A great blues singer from New
Jersey. We have a Symphony in August in Hilton Head SC. on that we are
using Thomas Connor a great singer from San Diego, California.
We all know that you can not replace David so we won't even try. Now its
more about the musicians and the music. The show is much different than it
was with David, We play songs from Steve Katz and Al Kooper and of course

Band line up :  Guitar                           Dave Gellis
                        Bass                             Gary Foote
                        Drums                          Andrea Valentini
                        B3 & Keys                   Glenn McClelland
                       Lead Trumpet              Teddy Mulet
                       2nd Trumpet                 Steve Jankowski
                       Sax                                Tom Timko
                       Trombone                      Dale Kirkland

All veterans of past BS&T bands. The horn section is getting ready to
record with Jazz Great Jeff Lorber next week an album  produced by Bobby
Colomby yes THE Bobby Colomby.

And BS&T will go into the studio for the first time in over 30 years to
record a jazz record under producer Bobby Colomby next year.

August 6. 2006
It looks like Jerry Fisher is back in business.  He left the United States on July 4th for a 10 show engagement in Europe with the Blues
Brothers Tour.

April 6. 2006
Percussionist Don (Charles) Alias died on March 28. His credits included work with George Benson, James Taylor, Al Jarreau, Quincy Jones, Chick Corea, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Roberta Flack, Nina Simone, Michael Brecker, Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Holland, Mongo Santamaria, Jack DeJohnette, John Scofield, Herbie Hancock, Marianne Faithfull, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Weather Report, Mick Jagger, Carla Bley, Paul Motian, and David Sanborn.
Alias and bassist Gene Perla co-founded the group Stone Alliance, which included such players as Kenny Kirkland and Jan Hammer. They released four albums including Stone Alliance, Marcio Montarroyos, Con Amigos and Heads Up. In the 1980s, Alias formed the percussion-based band Kebekwa. In 1997 he appeared with DeJohnette in a video titled Talking Drummers: A Journey of Music, Friendship and Spirit.

March 10. 2006

Mike Stern will have a Live DVD out 03/14/06.
This performance was recorded at the New Morning is Paris on November 9, 2004 and features three time Grammy nominee Stern side by side with super bassist-singer Richard Bona at the New Morning in 2004. It was written in the stars that Mikes fiery guitar and Richards singing bass should meet. Supported rhythmically and melodically by legendary drummer Dennis Chambers and brilliant tenor saxophonist Bob Franceschini, the Mike Stern Band brings forth stirring lyricism that will sound irresistible to music lovers everywhere.

You can order the DVD at 

March 1. 2006
Jerry & Melva's "Dock of The Bay" Nightclub & Restaurant was sold to a San Francisco entrepreneur in the Spring of 2005.  Hurricane Katrina hit in August and there is NOTHING to indicate that it ever was, or that it ever will be again.  Another era gone forever.  As of February of 2006, I have heard nothing about Jerry and Melva

October 11. 2005
David Clayton-Thomas and his new band is going to record a "Live In Concert" album  Oct. 26 & 27 at The Opera House in Toronto. The band under the direction of Bruce Cassidy will feature longtime Clayton-Thomas friend and colaborator "Doc" Riley on piano and B3. The big solid 6 piece horn section with Cassidy's arrangements brings new power to the classic BS&T charts, adding bass trombone, tuba and baritone sax. Expect to hear new Clayton-Thomas compositions on this album... new songs are already in rehearsal.

October 7. 2005
Blood Sweat & Tears will be touring again. This time without David Clayton-Thomas.
The members are.
Nick Marchione - 1st Trumpet
Gregg Sullivan - Guitar
Andrea Valentini - Drums
Dale Kirkland - Trombone
Eric Cortright - Keyboards
Darcy Hepner - Saxophone

They will have Chuck Negron formerly with Three Dig Night, performing with them as their lead singer.
They will be doing both songs by B,S&T and Three Dog night.

This is not B,S&T, it's something else. Blood, Sweat & Tears don't longer exists the way I see it.
Bring in Jerry Fisher and I will accept it as B,S&T.

August 21. 2005
Wounded Bird Records has relesed  No Sweat and Mirro Image on cd.
Wounded Bird Records.
April 21. 2005
Wounded Bird Records will be releasing both No Sweat and Mirro Image on cd later this year.
Unfortunately they have no plans in releasing Brand New Day.
All we can do is post a suggestion to release it.
Wounded Bird Records.
April 19. 2005
Wounded Bird Records has released New City and New Blood on CD.
The album can be bought at wounded Wounded Bird Records.

April 12. 2005
David's new album Aurora can be bought at  Justin Time Records.

March 9 2005

David Clayton-Thomas has recorded a new album “The Sound Of Philadelphia”, in New York. It’s the result of a longtime friendship with Philadelphia producer Billy Terrell based on a mutual love of the great Gamble, Bell & Huff tunes that comprised The Sound Of Philadelphia. Rhythm & Blues has always been at the heart of the Clayton-Thomas style and Terrell recognized a kindred spirit. The O’jays, The Spinners, Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes... these are the artists that Billy and David grew up on and finally, after many years, they are recording this wonderful music. The Philadelphia album will be released later in ‘05. 

November 15 2004
A personal note from David.

Next year I will be taking on some exciting new challenges. The “Aurora” album will be released on Justin Time Records in February.... I’m very proud of this CD and have decided to devote next year to supporting it... I will be playing a few select festivals and concerts with the musicians who played on that project ... also... I am currently involved in a recording project with producer Billy Terrell, here in New York... details of this project will be posted soon.... this CD will be released later in 2005.
I intend to spend the summer writing new music and collecting songs for my next Justin Time album. This means there will be no Blood Sweat &Tears dates next year. After 35 years of performing and touring with this great band, the time has come to disband the group, take a break from the road and get involved in some new creative projects. BS&T has been a wonderful experience... The musicianship has always been superb and I have made friendships that will last a lifetime.
The ability to create new music, to sing new songs and to record new albums, is what drives me... BS&T hasn’t recorded in 25 years and is unlikely to record again... meanwhile I have signed a multi-album deal with a great record company (Justin Time) as a solo artist. I have an obligation to support the fine company that made “Aurora” possible.
It’s been a great ride... Thanks to all the great the best road crew in the business... to my friend and Manager Larry Dorr... to the agents at A.P.A. a class agency... and most of all, to the wonderful audiences who night after night, made it all worth while.
Stay tuned... we’ll keep you posted.

November 10 2004

There’s a new cd called Interloop out with Jojje Wadenius.
The intention was to play music from his old group Made in Sweden. He did put together a touring band with Fredrik Jonsson
on bass and Jonas Holgerson on drums. This was in 2002.

Saxplayer Magnus Lindgren, one of Swedens most talanted young musicians, joined and a lot of new material was written.
They toured as MIS III (Made In Sweden III)
.When they recorded they decided to call the band Jojje Wadenius Band.
Most of the music is written by the bandmembers. 
The music has a livefeeling despite that the recording is done in studio.
Magnus Lindgren plays with big authority and his solos has always a logical line.
Jojje Wadenius guitarplaying and scatsinging is excellent as always. Just listen to Pontiac. Cigarette Sounds by Magnus Lindgren
has an a exciting melody with stunning bassplaying by Fredrik Jonsson

A beautiful ballad is Scratches Nile where Magnus Lingren’s saxplaying bears the touch of a master.
I strongly recommend this cd.

July 4 2004

The new cd AURORA is set to be relased  on Just In Time Records in February 2005. The repertoire is classic Clayton-Thomas. From jazzstandards to the blues, from Louis Armstrong to Joni Mitchell, Hoagy Carmaichael to Sarah McLaughlin. There are also several new original compositions written by David.

May 28. 2004
The new David Clayton-Thomas CD... entitled ”AURORA” is now “in the can.” The sessions took place at Inception Sound in Toronto, May 10th to the 13th. Surrounded by old friends and four exceptional musicians, David has never sounded more relaxed and comfortable, his performance is outstanding, emotional, but beautifully controlled, a veteran artist at the peak of his powers... honest, joyous, painful and at times... just plain funky.
        The idea for this recording began with David and co-producer Doug Riley... “Doc” Riley is one of Canada's most honored jazz pianists and a lifetime friend, He had been urging David for years to make this album. They assembled a quartet of All-Star jazz musicians... Doug Riley on keyboards, legendary jazz drummer Terry Clarke, virtuoso string bassist George Koller and old friend guitarist Rob Piltch, from the "Nuclear Blues" days.
        David and Doc spent months going over material... from jazz standards to the blues, from Louis Armstrong to Joni Mitchell... Hoagy Carmichael to Sarah McLaughlin... David, who is always writing new songs, began composing with the new free-form jazz quartet in mind.
        Toronto musician Virgil Scott (Executive Producer) brought this idea to the attention of Jim West, President of Canada’s top international jazz label...”Justin Time Records.” Jim was immediately enthusiastic at the prospect of David recording with this gathering of highly acclaimed musicians and a meeting was arranged... Justin Time offered David Clayton-Thomas a multi-album recording contract... studio time was booked and “AURORA” was underway.
        There were no “charts” per se... The musicians heard a “demo” recording of the songs, created in David's home studio, then were given basic chord sheets and complete freedom... the rest is pure improvisation and absolute magic.
        The vocals were all cut “live” with the quartet, resulting in some amazing interplay between the soulful voice and the highly improvisational musicians. No “click tracks”... no overdubs...most of the tracks are first takes. This is a great jazz album cut “live” in the studio, in three intense nights of recording... the personalities of four gifted jazz musicians and one legendary vocalist shine through on every track. That totally sums up the spirit and beauty of this recording... old friends, musical freedom, a creative environment, a singer and twelve great songs...
        “AURORA” will be released worldwide later this summer on Justin Time Records... The recording sessions were captured by award winning jazz photographer Paul Hoffler and the CD cover is in the works...meanwhile David Clayton-Thomas and Blood Sweat & Tears have embarked on an intensive 2004 tour... see (Tour Info)... 50 concerts and still booking... We’ll keep you posted on the release date for this exceptional new recording.

April 14. 2004
David Clyaton-Thomas has signed a multi-album recording contract with Justin Time Records, a prestigious Canadian jazz label with worldwide distribution, headquartered in Montreal. The first recording sessions are scheduled for May in Toronto... co-produced by David and Canadian jazz pianist Doug Riley, the CD will include standards... Dinah Washington and Hoagy Carmichael... contemporary songs by Joni Mitchell and Sarah McLaughlin and several new original Clayton-Thomas compositions
This will be a very intimate “unplugged” jazz album.... David with an All Star Jazz Quartet... Doug Riley on piano and Hammond B3... Jazz legend Terry Clarke on drums... string bass virtuoso George Koeller and guitar genius Rob Piltch (Nuclear Blues)
The release date will be anounced later.

April 02. 2004
This year David Clayton-Thomas and Blood Sweat & Tears are presenting a Christmas concert for the entire family. Along with the classic BS&T hits “Spinning Wheel”, “You Made Me So Very Happy”, “And When I Die”, God Bless The Child" and all the other timeless BS&T songs, David and the band will be performing songs from “The Christmas Album”... Holiday classics done in the unmistakable Blood Sweat & Tears style... ”Little Drummer Boy” with a New Orleans “second line” drum groove, “Silent Night” as a slow blues...”We Three Kings”... a funky jazz waltz. From classical brass chorales to uptown Latin Jazz, the concert features innovative, but always reverent interpretations of these well-loved traditional Christmas songs.

The Christmas show will debut for five nights in The Cabaret at Mohegan Sun Casino Uncasville CT. Thanksgiving week... November 24 - 28 2004... and will be on tour through December.

October 28. 2003 
You can buy songs from The Board Mixlibrary and David's new Christmas cd from his orderpage.. David Clayton-Thomas

September 2. 2003
Dick Halligan

He's making his 3rd jazz record in Rome and is teaching at a music school in Umbria,IT.

August 30. 2003
Wounded Bird Records, adds BS&T's More Than Ever to their catalog. Wounded Bird Records has rereleased BS&T's More Than Ever on CD, making it the sixth of the regular studio albums to be given an offical release. (Child, BS&T, 3, 4, New Blood (Japan Only), and now More Than Ever). The album can be bought at wounded Wounden Bird Records, they have done a long list out of print re-releases, including albums by the Butterfield Blues Band, Elecric Flag, Maynard Furguson, Oregon, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Dr. John, Richie Havens, and more.
August 30. 2003
David has his merchandisepage up. You can buy his cd's there. David Clayton-Thomas
August 30. 2003
Dave Bargeron now has his own webpage Dave Bargeron, you can buy his records there and get information about his plans and recordings.

August 1. 2003
David has written and recorded a new song. It's called "The Lights Of Broadway". It is a song dedicated to the heros of 9/11...The song depicts Lady Liberty standing in the harbour, covered with dust and ashes, while uptown the lights of Broadway still bravely shine through the smoke. It is being distributed to radio stations across the country and the broadcast royalties will go directly to the families of the victims of 9/11. David's decision to donate 100% of his songwriter's royalties to the families, brought an outpouring of help...Producer Billy Terrell donated his services...A major New York recording studio (Sound on Sound) contributed the studio time...singers from the ranks of the NYPD and FDNY made up the chorus....Steve Guttman wrote a brilliant, heartfelt arrangement and the members of Blood Sweat &Tears brought their amazing musicianship to the project. It is a song of hope and freedom...a songwriter's gift to the families of those who lost their lives on that dark day, a song of boundless hope for the future and the power of freedom to rise above the dust and ashes of tragedy. In response to the many inquiries from those who want to contribute to the fund, the address is.
September 11 Widows and Victims Families Association 548 Broadway 3rd Floor New York City NY. 100212-3950
August 6, 2002
David has just recorded tracks for the third "Mandoki" album. Leslie Mandoki is a talented European producer/musician, His album projects attract the finest musicians in the world. Mandoki is funky fusion drummer who owns Park Studios in Munich. This world class studio has a long history of highly successful projects. Ten years ago Leslie decided to assemble his "dream band" made up of musicians that had most influenced him.The line up for the first album was awesome.....Mandoki and his partner, keyboard genius and composer, Lazlo Benkner formed the foundation of the band...add to that a lineup of brilliant musicians.....Jack Bruce (Cream) Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) Bobby Kimball (Toto) Chaka Kahn, The Brecker Brothers, Pino Paladino, Steve Lukether, Al Dimiola, Bill Evans, Victor Baily, Anthony Jackson, Mike Stern....And of course, David Clayton-Thomas. The first album "Mother Europe" won critical aclaim and sold well in Europe, The second album"People In Room Eight" won the "Golden Europe" award (Album of the year). Now the same cast of musicians have embarked on their third collaboration, "Mandoki 2002". The tracks were cut in Munich, Los Angeles and New York... David, The Brecker Brothers and Mike Stern were recorded in Manhattan. Look for the album to be released later this year.
June 17, 2002
David's first two post BS&T solos, David Clayton-Thomas and Tequila Sunrise, are due for release as a double on one disc. The label is Edsel Records.
June 15, 2002
David's Christmas Album is now completed after being delayed by the events of 9/11/01...the mastering sessions were moved to Nashville, as NYC was inaccessable for weeks. Produced and arranged by BS&T Musical Director Steve Guttman it is a fresh and innovative look at the classic Christmas songs. "Silent Night" becomes a slow blues...David's soulful duet with a blues harp. "Little Drummer Boy" gets a New Orleans flavor with it's "Second Line" drums and funky piano..."It's Begining To Look a Lot Like Christmas", pure uptown latin jazz with Nestor Torres.
This is a very different kind of Christmas album...Fresh and innovate, but still paying reverent homage to these well-loved songs. In typical Clayton-Thomas fashion, it crosses genres and styles at will and creates it own unique musical identity.
Release info will be posted later this summer.
June 15, 2002
David's video biography.
 The video is in the editing process now. The first airing will be a one hour Network TV Special on CBC/TV Canada later this summer...airdate will be announced shortly.
November 9, 2001
The Christmas album.
Due to the tragic events of Sept. 11 2001, production on the Christmas album was delayed. David and Steve Guttman were mixing the record in downtown Manhattan, and were a few days from completion, when the entire city was thrown into chaos. The studio was closed for several days and access to the city was limited for weeks afterward. The album arrived late in Nashville for mastering, and everything from the artwork to distribution was disrupted. There's no time for the album to be in the stores for Christmas. The album will not be manufactured untill 2002.

November 1, 2001

Regarding David's upcoming ballads album, there is a very real possibility that it will recorded in Nashville. David and Larry were both very impressed with the production capabilities at "Sound Kitchen", the depth of talent in Nashville...The producers, writers, musicians etc... especially the focus they put on the singer and the absolute neccessity for a solo "singers" album. David has no intention of "going country", his ro o ts are definitely big city... Jazz, R&B, the Blues, but Nashville isn't just country any more, it is a world class production center...some of the most talented people in the business are located there and David is very excited about the possibilities of a collaboration between his gifted New York creative team and the talented folks in Nashville.

David's video biography is now in full production, an interview segment was taped at Chamber's Guitar Store in Nashville. The video is being produced by Greg Hall (The Band, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson and many more). In addition archival footage is being assembled from early C.B.C. shows, Ed Sullivan, Sonny & Cher, Hullabaloo, PBS and TNN Specials. Interviews with music business celebrities and artists that David has influenced and much, much more. It is an ambitious project and when completed, early next year, it will tell the complete, uncensored David Clayton-Thomas story, from his early years as a homeless young runaway, a reformatory survivor, the tough, cocky, "bad boy" of Canadian rock, t h rough the glory years of BS&T, right up to the of the premier performers in the world, The Canadian Hall of Fame, the Grammy Awards, the multi-million selling albums, the great songs. The turbulent story of the trials, the troubles and the t riumphs of one of the most influencial artists in the world of music.

David's Christmas album is now completed and will be available for the holidays. Produced by musical director/trumpeter Steve Guttman, It is a diverse look at classic Christmas songs, like "Little Drummer Boy", "White Christmas", "It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas", "Silent Night" and "Away In A Manger".

Former B, S & T-member Joe Henderson died on Saturday, July 30 2001 at age 64 of a heart attack. \par He was a member for a short while in 1972. His only recording with B, S & t was Crow's Funeral.

January 4, 2001
Steve Guttman and David are colaborating on a Christmas album to be released later this year. All the current band members are playing on the project, set to be recorded by May.
A new solo album is already in production, as yet untitled, it will feature mostly ballads such as "Lucky Old Sun" which has already recieved tremendous response in concert.
It's shaping up to be a busy year for David and the band... two album projects, a full US tour schedule and a projected European Festival tour mid- summer... dates to be announced soon.
There will be a live concert to be Cyber-Cast later this spring. Check out David Clayton-Thomas homepage.
David Clayton-Thomas with Blood Sweat & Tears 2001 tour. The lineup is....
Steve Guttman - Trumpet & Flugelhorn - Arranger - Musical Director
Gary Foote - Bass.
Tom Timko - Saxophone & Flute.
Joe Mosello - 1st Trumpet.
Gil Parris - Guitar.
Brian Delaney - Drums.

December 1, 2000
David Clayton-Thomas now has his own website. It's great check it out.

September 22, 2000
Jack Scarangella played drums with BS&T in 1979. Jack's new CD "The Hero In Us All" features dear friend Fred Lipsius, and Lew Soloff. The album features songs by Scarangella, Fred Lipsius, Jimi Hendrix, Felix Cavaliere, and others. Go to the official site."The Hero In Us All" . There you can listen to song samples and buy the cd. It sounds just great.

February 17, 2000
Brenda Holloway died early February 2000. She co-wrote and recorded "You've  Made Me So Very Happy".

February 12, 2000
The Bloodlines CD is printed and pressed, and will be available at concerts. The distribution deal is not ready yet.
Hopefully there will be an U.S and international distribution later this year.

Here's the lineup for the upcoming tour.
Zach Danziger...DRUMS
Gary Foote...BASS
James Fox...GUITAR
Steve Guttman...TRUMPET
Jon Owens...TRUMPET
Pat Hallaran...TROMBONE

DCT and crew have designed a completely new show for the new year. Instead of the same songs in virtually the same order night after night, there is going to be a more free-flowing attitude on the stage. The set opens with an instrumental, featuring the band, there are three different tunes featuring new writing by band members like Gary Foote and Tom Timko...the idea is to not play the same show every night, ie; make the opener a forum for the band to explore new instrumental writing. The hits of course are scattered thru the show and "happy" is no longer the encore but closes the show, they are playing Go down Gamblin' again...and from Bloodlines: Mornin' Blues, Verbal Abuse, and N'awlins Gal. From Nuclear Blues they have added "Fantasy Stage.' The encore will now be different each night. The whole idea was to NOT have a regular setlist but to keep the set fresh by changing it up every night. David is already writing on his next project which will be a departure from the classic BS&T sound, incorporating more of electronic writing. Bloodlines will be sold at concerts this year and will be distributed internationally...but it is indeed the end of the era. There will not be any more BS&T albums. More informatin at Jeremiah's B,S&T-page

     Former BS&T player Earl Seymour, who was with the band with the band on Nuclear Blues, passed away on September 28th, 1999 of lung cancer.  He can also heard on the Concert CD "Live" which still is available on Rhino Records.

There's still no final releasedate for Bloodlines.
I'm not even sure if it will be released on Stony Plain Records.

The latest news about Bloodlines is that it will be released on the Stony Plain label (the same one that released Blue Plate Special) early 2000.

There's yet another compilation album put out by Sony, this time as part of their 6-pack series.  The CD is a six-track version of Found Treasures. I can't understund why it's been released.

Latest news on Bloodlines is that they're looking for a label and will self-release as a last resort.
Last I heard, they were trying a French label of all things.

I did receive a pressrelase for Bloodlines. I don't know when or on what label it will be released. Here it is anyway.
Pressrelease for Bloodlines:
Bloodlines: Written and produced by: David Clayton-Thomas
First came the songs. I had been writing for about a year using a new process.  The songs were coneived on my Martin Shenadoah guitar.  I then put them on ADAT and sketched in my ideas for horn arrangements, drums, bass lines, keyboards, etc, using a Mac with Performer software, a Kurzweil controller, and various MIDI devices.     I had completed several new songs.  Now I needed arrangers, guys who could orchetrate these rough MIDI compositoins for a real band.  The band was no problem, since I had a superb touring group--Blood, Sweat, & Tears.  So, I called to of the best arrangers I knew.  First: Doug Riley, my lifelong friend and collaborator.  Doug is a Candian national treasure.  Playing "Good Old Rock 'n Roll" with Bob Seger or conducting the London Symphony with Placido Domingo, "Doc" is the complete musician, a brilliant jazz pianist and the baddest B3 player on the planet.  I drove to Torono and played the first five tunes for Doc.  He loved them, and the project was launched.  My next call went out to Tony Klatka. In my experience with BS&T, Tony was my favorite arranger, graduate of the Wany Cochran school of funk, arranger on five Grammy award-winning Woody herman albums, and writer of some of BS&T's most creative charts, some of which are still in our repertoire today.  Tony's response to the songs and the opportunity to arrange them was immediate: "In a big city minute, man!"  When discussing the chart for "Bobby's Blues," another door opened.  When I said "What about a Tuba solo?" Tony said: "Let's get Barge!"--David Bargeron, trombone virtuoso, tuba solist, and central figure in the early BS&T.  I called Barge right away, and the first thing he said was "Great! Is Lewie on the session?"  "Lewie" is Lew Soloff, a veteran of the glory years of BS&T (and my roommate for three years!) who has gone on to an illustrious career as a jazz recording artist and one of the great lead trumpet players in the world.  Dear Lew, lovable jazz eccentric.  When I called him, he said "How much does it pay, man?" When I said "Well, I'm paying for it myself, lew," he said "O.K. just give me a solo!"
     We scheduled the first recording sessions for April at the beautiful Beartracks, a state-of-the-art studio in the wooded hills of Rockland Country, 45 minutes from New York City.  As I called musicians to augment my current BS&T, I of course called the best musicians in New York City--and most of them had played in my band at one time or another:      Mike Stern, interenational guitar hero, veteran of the 1970s BS&T with Jaco Pastorius, Tony Klatka, and Don Alias.  Gives a wickedly understated performance on "Dancin' To La Belle."      Don Alias, the finest percussionist in the business, with a vast body of work ranging from singers Joni Mitchell and roberta Flack to jazz greats Chick Corea and David Sanborn.      Fred Lipsius, alto sax player, founding member of BS&T, reclusive genius, professor of music at Berklee, and co-writer and arranger of the tune "After You Fall."      Randy Brecker, another founding member and one of the great jazz trumpet soloists of our time.  His flügelhorn solo on "After You Fall" is a thing of beauty.
    Driving home from a gig late one night, I was thinking about people involved in the project so far, and how influential these great musicans had been on my musical development, and how we all shared a remakrable history involving Blood, Sweat, and Tears.  It occured to me that these new songs were a product of a shared heritage.  A word popped into my head: bloodlines. Bloodlines, a perfect title for the new album!  All of us shared the same bloodlines, BS&T had played an instrumental part in all our musical lives.      The core of the band was my current touring edition of Blood, Sweat, and Tears:  drummers Brian Delaney and Zach Danziger; bassist Gary Foote, the foundation of my band for the last decade, a true singer's bass player---tasty, funky, and a great team player; guitarist Jamie Fox; keyboardist (and synth wizard) Dan Zank; the best horn section in the business, the BS&T horns: Powerful Jon Owens, lead trumpet; Steve Guttman, trumpeter and musical director of the band for 15 years; Texan Dave Riekenberg, soulful BS&T sax player for 10 years; trombonist Pat Hallaran; and baritone sax player Tim Ries.      In October 1998, Doug Riley flew in from Toronto, Tony Klatka from Denver, Fred Lipsius from Boston, and we completed the album in a furious ten-day burst.  Six of the twelve vocals were cut live with the band and never changed--the spirit and feeling of the sessions was that good!
And the songs brought in more players.  Joining the BS&T alumni:      Ricky Sebastian, fiery New Orleans drummer ("Nawlins Gal," "Verbal Abuse")      Rob Paporozzi, blues harp virtuoso ("Biscuit," "Ashleigh's Song)      Mike DoCampo, bottleneck guitarist ("I Can't Complain.")     Danny Draher, Chicago Blues guitar specialist ("I can't Complain")      The Dixie Hummingbirds, Legendary gospel group ("Biscuit")      Singers Janice Pendarvis, Vanese Thomas, and Angela Clemmons-Patrick ("Dancin' to Labelle," "Surely You Know).      The album was mixed and mastered at Beartracks in November 1998.        "In a time when records are producer-controlled and recorded to click tracks, with the musicians seldom in the studio on the same day, this was a truly live recording.  The formula was simple: assemble the best arrangers and musicians in the world, give them some creative space, good original songs, and let the sparks fly!"
The Result: Bloodlines
David Clayton-Thomas New York, 1998
 Another compilation is out. This one is called "Blood Sweat and Tears Revisited" .
This is a Sony product on the Gusto label (GT2-743). Tracks are:
You've Made Me So Very Happy / Smiling Phases / Fire and Rain / Got to Get You Into My Life /
Without Her / Ride Captain Ride / God Bless the Child / Hi-De-Ho / Sometimes in Winter
Naturally the picture on the cover is of the Mirror Image line-up. Well done Sony.
Columbia/Legacy has released a new compilation called "Super Hits." .
Rollercoaster is the only track that isn't available on CD before.
All titles are original album versions.
Buy "What goes up.." instead.
For more information read the Discography page.
 Apparently the new live BS&T cd is not going to be released after all. Clayton-Thomas told a fan at a recent concert that it was
tied up in legal hassles and red tape and most likely would not be released.
David Clayton-Thomas is currently mixing Blood, Sweat & Tears On Tour, a live in concert album recorded last year in Scandinavia and due early in '98.
In February, he'll be recording a new album, tentaively titled Bloodlines, with the current Blood, Sweat, and Tears line-up plus many of the musicians who have served in the band over the years. The Blood, Sweat, and Tears On Tour album will primarily be sold in the Internet and at concerts.

The US release of "Blue Plate Special" has been delayed till the third week of Feb.
and will have a different cover then the Canadian version which is out now.
You can order it from Stony Plain Records right now. Price is 19.29 Canadian dollars.
See main page for more info.

There will be a new Blues Brothers movie with Lou Marini and Tom Malone in the band again (meaning, it is the same band as was in the first movie in 1980).
Lew Soloff has just recorded a new solo album, but I do not know when it will come out.
Randy Brecker, of course, had a new solo album out last October.

Blood, Sweat & Tears will be at Chippewa Valley Rock Fest, July 17.
Chippewa Valley Rock Fest

The new David Clayton-Thomas CD will be released in the US and other foreign markets in January-February next year.
It will be promoted as his first all-blues album.

The Blue Plate Special album by David Clayton-thomas will be released Nov 11.
It's the same album that is refered to as the Uptown Album.

In the new issue of Bass Player magazine the cover story features one time BST member JACO PASTORIUS.
It mentions an upcomming C.D. that will contain several live cuts of the Jaco era BST.

You can buy Jerry Fishers new cd at :
Dock-of-the-Bay Homepage

Georg Wadenius has a new album out together with keyboardplayer Doug Katsaros. They call themselves GeWaDoKa. The name of the album is "Left turn from the right lane". And it's on RCA/BMG.

There is a new album coming out in a couple weeks, it's going to be a David Clayton-Thomas solo album called Blue Plate Special. The current BS&T lineup does play on the album. One song If the World Would Come to Memphis, features some great horn lines. David said he met the blues guitarist Albert King in Finland at a blues festival. He asked Albert if he still enjoyed touring after 52 years...Albert said "David, if the world would come to Memphis, I wouldn't have to tour" He wrote the song soon after. It's an upbeat bluesy song...sorta sounds like one of his solo songs Nobody Don't Call me Prophet. Another song is called Dirty Dishes Blues...a humourous blues song about "Too many dirty dishes for just us two".

Dave Bargeron has a new album out.
Here's the review from Jazz Times Magazine.
Bargeron and pianist Larry Willis, members of the jazz-rock group Blood, Sweat & Tears in the '70s, reunite on this album. With bassist Steve Novosel and drummer Kenwood Dennard, they create a daring, high-spirited, sometimes irreverent set that owes little if any to BS&T's recordings. This is certainly okay, because stronger jazz auras prevail: Thelonious Monk, Roswell Rudd, Ray Anderson, Phil Wilson and Wynton Kelly.Bargeron who also played tuba with BS&T, is a virtuoso. The opener, his "Gussie Blues," illustrates much of his arsenal: broad melodies, squealing climaxes and splashy landings, machine-gunning articulation, and an extroverted sense of humor. Next, his "Holly's Song" tones down the raucous energy as the trombonist plays soft low notes and executes a long fall-off reminiscent of Wilson. "B.R.A.V.O." introduces the Bargeron Rapid Articulating Valve Option, a mouthpiece valve that improves the player's speed of articulation.Willis has a bouncy, boppish approach--light and swinging. On the final tune, his "Blue Autumn," he and Bargeron turn as lovely and placid as a melody by Debussy. These cats cover the waterfront; and if you haven't heard Bargeron lately, you've been missing someone who deserves far greater recognition among the trombonists of today.

Georg Wadenius has a new band GeWaDoKa. They were reported to be great, and Jojje played better than ever (if that is possible!).

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