1. Down in the Flood (B. Dylan)
    2. Touch me (T. Randazzo/V. Pike)
    3. Alone (L. Marini Jr.)
    4. Velvet (J. Kent)*
    5. I can't move no mountains (M. Gately/R. John)
    6. Over the hill (D. Bargeron)
    7. So long Dixie (B. Mann/C. Weil)
    8. Snow Queeen/Maiden voyage (C. King/G. Goffin-H. Hancock)

Produced: 1972
Produced by: Bobby Colomby
The sound of this album is more oriented to the sound of Chicago.
Jerry Fisher does a good job as a new leadsinger of the band.
Among the more notable songs on the album are ”So long Dixie” and ”Snow Queen”
which flows into Herbie Hancock’s ”Maiden voyage”, where Georg Wadenius do his scat-singing with guitar.