More than ever

                                                                       Released on cd 2005 by Wounded Bird Records.

  1. They (D. Clayton-Thomas/W. Smith)
  2. I love you more than ever (A. Landon/D. Lenier)
  3. Katie Bell (S. C. Foster)
  4. Sweet Sadie thwe saviour (P. Austin)
  5. Hollywood (D. Clayton-Thomas/W. Smith)
  6. You're the one (D. Clayton-Thomas/W. Smith)
  7. Heavy blue (L. Willis)
  8. Saved by the grace of your love (W. Smith/D. Palmer)

Produced: 1976

Produced by: Bob James

This album was a real disappointment. The expectations were high after the ”New City” album.
But it sounded like something that was left over from a Clayton-Thomas soloalbum.
This is the weakest album they ever have released, despite guest vocals by Patti Austin.
There is no jazzrock. The sound is more like the first soloalbum by Clayton-Thomas after leaving BS&T.
There are some songs such as ”They”, ”Hollywood” and ”Saved by the grace of your love” that are all right.