Mirror image

                        Released on cd 2005 by Wounded Bird Records.

    1. Tell me that I'm wrong (P. Cosby)
    2. Look up to the sky (J. LaCroix/A. J. Klatka)
    3. Love looks good on you (you're candy sweet) (P. cosby/S. Brown)
    4. Hold on to me (D. Bargeron)
    5. Thinking of you (J.LaCroix/A. J. Klatka)
    6. Are you satisfied (J. Fisher/G. Wadenius)
    7. Mirror image:
    - Movement I: Maglomania (L. Willis)
    - Movement II: Mirror image (R. McClure)
    - Movement III: South mountain shuffle (A. J. Klatka)
    - Movement IV: Rock reprise (G. Wadenius/J. LaCroix/J. Fisher/D. Bargeron)
    8. She's coming home (J. Fisher/G. Wadenius)

Produced: 1974
Produced by: Henry Cosby
It seems like they couldn’t decide if they were a rockband or a jazz band.
There are mostly rocksongs, but Mirror Image-suite is very deep into jazz, reminds you of Herbie Hancock.
Jerry LaCroix is singing lead vocals on ”Thinking of you”. ”Tell me that I’m wrong” is the best song on the album.
The rest are just ordinary rocksongs.