Hip Pickles

    1.Back Back up against the wall (B. Buie/J. R. Cobb)
    2. Hip pickles (L. Marini Jr.)
    3. You've made me so very happy (P. Gordy Jr./ B. Holloway/ P. Holloway/ F. Wilson)
    4. Down in the Flood (B. Dylan)
    5. Inner crisis (L. Willis)
    6. Almost sorry (J. Kent/D. Lubahn)
    7. God bless the child (B. Holiday/A. Herzog Jr)
    8. Snow Queen (G. Goffin/C. King) / Maiden voyage (H. Hancock)

It's a german Cd containing MPEG video of BS&T's appearance on the German Television Show, THE BEAT CLUB.
It's from the era of the album No Sweat. The Label is Radio Bremen. It also comes with an Audio Cd of the same exact songs.
Jerry Fisher is lead singer, even though David Clayton-Thomas is on the cover.