Did You Know that...

Jaco Pastorius had Finnish and Swedish roots: His grandmother (Kaisa Eriika Isojärvi) was from Salla, Finland. And his grandfather's (mother's side) mother was from nothern Sweden, from the area that borders with Finland, a small village in the Haparanda area.

David played with a band called Flying Machine before he joined B,S&T. They only lasted a month or so. But the guitarplayer was James Taylor.

It's Dick Halligan that says "that wasn't to good" at the end of Spinning Wheel.

Winston Churchill on May 13 told his Cabinet that "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat."

Steve Katz wrote "Megan's Gypsy eyes" for Mimi Farina, Joan Baez's younger sister. The song was written after they broke up. The inspiration for the name Megan was Phil and Alice Ochs's daughter, Megan Ochs.

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