1. Overture (A. Kooper)
  2. I love you more than you'll ever know (A. Kooper)
  3. Morning glory (L. Becket/T. Buckley)
  4. My days are numbered (A. Kooper)
  5. Without her (H. Nilsson)
  6. Just one Smile (R. Newman)
  7. I can't quit her (A. Kooper)
  8. Megan's gypsy eyes (S. Katz)
  9. Somethin' goin on (A. Kooper)
  10. House in the country (A. Kooper)
  11. The modern adventures of Plato, Diogenes and Freud (A. Kooper)
  12. So much love/Underture (G. Goffin/C. King)
  13. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know (Demo) (A. Kooper)
  14. Refugee From Yuhupitz (Instrumental) (A. Kooper)
  15. I Can't Quit Her (Demo) (A. Kooper)
  16. Morning Glory (Demo) (L. Becket/T. Buckley)
  17. Somethin' Goin' On (Demo) (A. Kooper)
  18. The Modern Adventures Of Plato, Diogenes and Freud (Demo). (A. Kooper)

Produced: 1967
Produced by: John Simon
This Cd consists of all the songs from ”Child is Father to the Man” digitally remastered.
Bonustracks are demoversions of some songs and the first song they recorded. ”Refugee from Yuhupitz”, an instrumental.