1. Refuge from Yuhupitz (A. Kooper)
  2. I can't quit her (A. Kooper/I. Levine)
  3. House in the country (A. Kooper)
  4. I love you more than you'll ever know (A. Kooper)
  5. You've made me so very happy (B. Gordy Jr./B. Holloway/P. Holloway/F. Wilson)
  6. More and more (P. Vee/D. Juan)
  7. And when I die (L. Nyro)
  8. Sometimes in Winter (S. Katz)
  9. Smiling Phases (S. Winwood/J. Capaldi/C. Wood)
  10. Spinning wheel (D. Clayton-Thomas)
  11. God bless the child (B. Holiday/A. Herzog Jr)
  12. Children of the wind (D. Clayton-Thomas)
  13. HI-DE-HO (G. Goffin/C. King)
  14. Lucretia Mac Evil (D. Clayton-Thomas)
  15. He's a runner (L. Nyro)
  16. Something's coming on (J. Cocker/C. Stainton)
  17. 40,000 Headmen (S. Winwood/J. Capaldi)
  18. Go down gamblin' (D. Clayton-Thomas)
  19. Mama gets high (S. Katz/D. Bargeron)
  20. Lisa, listen to me (D. Clayton-Thomas/D. Halligan)
  21. Valentine's day (S. Katz)
  22. John the Baptist( Holy John) (A. Kooper/P. Major)
  23. So long Dixie ( B. Mann/C. Weil)
  24. Snow Queen (G. Goffin/C. King)
  25. Maiden voyage (H. Hancock)
  26. I can't move no mountains (M. Gately/R. John)
  27. Time remembered (B. Evans)
  28. Roller coaster (M. James)
  29. Tell me that I'm wrong (P. Cosby)
  30. Got to get you into my life (J. Lennon/P. McCartney)
  31. You're the one (D. Clayton-Thomas/W. Smith)
  32. Mean ole world (J. LaCroix)

Released: 1995 Compilation producer: Bob Irwin.

Record label: Legacy Records 64166

This is a good compilation. All titles are original album versions. The selection of songs from the first four album are OK. Of course I would have wanted them all to be included, but then it wouldn’t have been a compilation. There could also have been some more songs from the time when Jerry Fisher was leadsinger. I would also have wanted more from the New City, instead of the live version of ”Mean ole World”. Of the 32 tracks two have never before been relaeased. Time Remembered that was recorded during the New Blood-sessions. The other is "Children of the Wind" written by David Clayton-Thomas, it was lifted out from the second album. This is a really excellent song. A booklet with liner notes are included. There are some errors in the liners notes, but it’s not that bad.